Saturday, June 27, 2015

Update 6/27/15

Played Mega Million lottery. Hit the bonus plus one number for winnings of $10. Megaplied number was 5. Plaing Powerball. I use set of powerball bonus numbers with quick picks for the rest. Hoping my number 3 comes out again.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Update 5-8-15

An update on what is hot right now. Been play the following $5 scratch offs with good success:
Money Multipier - Won $50 today on this ticket.
Golden Ticket - Won $10 today, $50 a week ago
$100,000 Extreme Green - $20 winner a week ago

Like I have done before, I tend to play the odds posted on the back of the ticket and have had luck with these tickets.
Money Multiplier - odds - 1:4.09. What I have been doing is this. I play the multiple, i.e. 4 goes into 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. Well, instead of playing those numbers, I play 1 number up. Doesn't work all the time, but have had luck with that. Today, I won on #22 so the rule for this one seems to be 2 up.
Golden Ticket - odds - 1:3.70. This ticket I have used the rule of going 1 number up of the multiple and it has paid off. I have hit on #25 (1 up from 24) today for $10. When I won $50, I believe it was on 13 - 1 up from 12 (multiple of 3).
Extreme Green - odds - 1:3.62 Same rules apply for this ticket.
Now the reason I have had some luck with this rule, is the fact that I have been going to the same store. I experimented on purchasing the tickets and found out when to pick the winner. It has worked for me so maybe it can work for you.

Now the tickets that I have had no luck are the following:
Golden 7's
Cash & Gold
I have tried using that same rule for these tickets and it did not work.
I guess, I just found out the ones that work for me.

Hope this will help you and good luck.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Update 4/15/15

I haven't posted in a while since I gave up playing the lottery during lent. But now that lent is over, I decided to play again. Some new scratch off tickets have been on the market and I have been playing them with some luck.

A few days into playing again, I played the $5.00 ticket - Golden Ticket and I won $50.00
I have also been playing the $5.00 ticket - $100,000 Extreme Green. I have won $20 on that one just the other day. I won another $15 today on the Golden Ticket too. These two games have been paying out, so I suggest you play these before all of the major prizes are gone.

Yesterday, I went to a convenient store to buy my lunch which they had on special. I have bought tickets there before with no luck at all. When I pulled up to the store, I noticed they had a sign that said "We sold a winning ticket". I asked the clerk what did they sell and she replied $250. I thought, $250 that isn't much for a sign, but then she showed me a picture of the ticket she sold (from her phone). It was a $10 ticket Holiday Magic (which is no longer selling) and the person that won match his number 35 to the number on the ticket for a prize of $250,000. A customer in the store told me she knew the person that won and said he had bought it just a few days before Christmas. What a Christmas they must have had. I noticed that the number on the bottom was number 30, so now, I have been asking if any $10 tickets have the number 30.

The clerk at the store said that someone had just bought that ticket before and they won $10 on it. The clerk's niece was asked to scratch off the big winner but she declined saying that someone just bought a ticket and won $10 and she did not think if would win. Who knew.

Well, keep playing and keep an eye out for the new games. Remember, you have a better chance of winning with newer games.

Good Luck.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Update 2-9-2015

As of this posting, the Powerball is up to an estimated: $450 million. Seems like more and more people are playing and wanting some kind of strategy to win.

Here is my input on that: There are 35 bonus balls in the Powerball lottery. One thing you can do, if you want to spend the money doing it, is select the numbers 1-35 (or 35 tickets). Each ticket play each powerball number, that way, you are guaranteed to win something. Now since it costs $2 that would be $70 invested for a guaranteed chance to win something. If you decide to use the Powerplay, you would be spending $3.00 per ticket x 35 = $105 which can multiply your non winning jackpot by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. Is it worth it? If you have the money to spend, maybe. Without the powerplay you would be guaranteed to win a minimum of $1. With the powerplay you are guaranteed to win a minimum of $2. Now that is the lowest guaranteed winnings you would get. It is a gamble to spend $70 just to win a guaranteed $1 or spend $105 to win a guaranteed $2, but that is the minimum. If the multiplier is higher, you could win more, plus if you hit the bonus plus other numbers, you can win more as well. It is all a gamble. At $450 million I may take that gamble just once, but only if I have the extra cash to do it. Don't go boring money or put yourself in a bind by using your money you have for other things such as groceries, bills, etc. to make this gamble, that would not be worth it. But if you have the extra cash to do it, live a little. Again, it is a gamble and mostly likely, you will lose, but that is the nature of the game.

Good Luck.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Update 11/14/14

Back on 11/4/14, I had played the Mega Millions when the jackpot was 321 Million. I had mention that because the Mega Millions has 15 bonus balls, that I would play all 15, i.e. 1-15 and have them megaplied. So, I spent $30. I was guaranteed to hit the bonus ball and win something, which I did. I hit the bonus ball of 1 + 1 number and I won $8.00. Ok, so I am in the hole $22, but I gambled and did not recover what I put in. This is the only time I have done this. I may do it again in the future if the jackpot is large like this one. It is worth a try, you never know.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Update for 11/4/14

Well, tonite's jackpot for the MegaMillion is a whopping 321 Million. I may try my strategy of playing 15 quickpicks on the bonus ball + megaplied. I am guaranteed to win something because I should hit the bonus ball.

Hope it works.

Like to hear from readers to see what they have done.
Good Luck.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Update 10/20/14

Just a small note. I have been playing the scratch off ticket - $100,000 Merry Money #1653. I noticed that the odds of winning are 1 in 3.33. Here lately, I have been winning on number 12 ticket. I have hit $20, $10 and $5 the last few days on multiples of 3, i.e., 9, 12, 15, etc. Mainly it has been on 12.

Just a note and try it if you get any mutliples of 3 on this ticket. Can't guarantee you will win, but just going by my experience. Never hurts to try.

Good Luck.