Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update 3-18-14

Just a small posting and update. I haven't posted anything in a while but thought I would since the jackpot for the Mega Million is around $400 million. If you have read my previous post, now is a good time to try some of the techniques that I recommend. It doesn't hurt to try.

Good Luck and hope to post more information soon.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Here is my update. Yesterday, 3-25-2014, I purchased one of the new $5.00 scratch off tickets named: Cash Multiplier. This game just came out on 2-10-2014 with top prize of $100,000 So far, there are still a lot of winning tickets out there. I played it yesterday and won $250.00. To-date, this is the biggest scratch off winning ticket I have had - previous was $200.00

Below is a copy of my winning ticket
As you can see in the first row, my number is 42 which I must match. At the top of the numbers is a 1x, 2x and 3x respectively. My number 42 matched under the 2x and prize is $50.00 which means I doubled it and got $100.00
Second row my number is 40 which fell under the 2x with a prize of $5.00 so I won $10.00
My next winning number (on the 6th row) is 32. 32 came under the 1x with a prize of $20.00
Next winning number is on the (on the 9th row) is 43. 43 came under the 1x for $100.00
Next winning number is on the last row (10th row) 16. 16 came under the 1x for $20.00
So I got $100+$10+$20+$100+$20 for a grand total of $250.00

By the way, the ticket number was 62. So today 3-26-2014 I cashed in my winnings. I did go to a 7-11 and bought my Texas Lotto with the extra for tonite and also bought another one of this same game - Cash Multiplier.
The number on that ticket was 10. I played it and won $15.00 on it. So I am now 2 for 2 on this game.
The odds of winning on this ticket are: 1:3.49. So what I tried to figure out is this; my $250 winning ticket came on number 62. 3.49 (odds of winning ticket - which I rounded down to 3 would have been 60 or 63. So my winning ticket was closer to 63. Now, on this other ticket, my winner was on 10. I believed a winner would have been on 9 or 12 not 10. But I bought it anyway. So now, I am starting to think that the winners will be 1 number or 2 higher than the 3 multiplier, example: 9 (divided equally by 3) winner 1 up from 9, 10. 60 (divided equally by 3) winner 2 up at number 62.

So for this game only, try to find a ticket where the number is a number or two above a number that is equally divided by three as show in my examples above. This is my own opinion by trying to play the odds. It may work for you or may not, but luck is also involved.

Hope this works and good luck.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014 - Powerball $330 Million

So tonites drawing in the Powerball is up to $330 million.
What I am doing for this drawing is this. I looked up the most frequent numbers and used those numbers for 1 ticket and bought another ticket with all quick picks. Go to your lottery webpage, pull up the Powerball and look up number frequency. It will show you how many times each number has come out. I used the top 5 numbers and chose the top number for the bonus ball. Of course, I play with the power play. Then, I got another ticket with all quick picks. We will see how it goes.

How this gives you an idea for the drawing tonite and future drawings.

Good luck and don't forget to follow this post.

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10 update

Was on the internet doing some research and I came across this guy (who a friend of mine had seen on 60 minutes) who states that he has won the lottery 7 times. Of course he won't disclose his secrets because he is selling a book at about $34.00 a book. But he did give some of his secrets. Of course, these are his opinions and I agree with some but not all, even though he has won 7 times and I haven't.

First, set a budget. Do not use money for groceries, bills, etc. to fulfill your need to play the lottery.
Second, he states when playing Mega Millions or any other lottery game, not to use quick picks - instead use the same set of numbers every time you play. He states that by using those numbers, each drawing gives you a better chance of winning. I somewhat agree on this, but I have seen people hit with quick picks a lot, so this theory is iffy. So, what I would do is play some quick picks and a set of the same numbers, that way you are covered.
One thing the reporter on 60 minutes said is that he plays alot and spends a lot of money, but he has made it his business. That is, he keeps track of what he spends, so that way at tax time, he can offset his winnings with the amount of money he has spent (loses), so he won't have to pay as much taxes.

On the scratch off games, his theory is to play 1 scratch off and buy many tickets of the same one. Example: if you play Break The Bank Limited Edition - the odds of winning on this game is 1:4.26. So if you have a budget of $10.00, he would buy 5 tickets in a row. Chances are you will win something because of the odds, but usually it is a $2.00 ticket or $4.00 ticket at most. So you would be spending $10.00 just to win $2.00 or $4.00. That does not work for me.

My theory is to look at the number on the ticket. Find out how many winners are still out there and look at the odds. I usually buy just 1 of that ticket and buy other tickets if the numbers are close to the odds - number 4, 8, 12, 16, etc.

I have bought 3 different scratch off tickets at the same time and actually won on all three, so I would get my money back and then some. I have done this several times. It doesn't work all the time, but to me, I feel I can increase my chance of winning more than just buying 4 or 5 of the same ticket in a row. But then again, this guy has won several times (and to me is seems just like luck).

I just try to offer my experience on my methods of winning. I think what I may do is the next time I win a good amount, I may just invest my money in this guy's book just to see if his methods do work.

My brother-n-law's brother once told me of another book that he swears by. He says he knows people that have bought the book and won. They don't win the big amounts, but do win some good amounts. I will have to look into that book as well and when I do get it, I will see if their theories work too.

Good luck and don't forget to follow my posts.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Update 2/1/2014

Here is my latest post on how to win money on the lottery.  I hope the previous posts have helped you make some money.

My post refers to tickets played in Texas - scratch offs. Mega Millsions and Powerball are played throughout other states so my techniques would apply to those too.

Recently, I have noticed some things in the scratch off games. There have been times when a scratch off ticket launches and right away, people start winning - the top prizes. When I go online to check how many winners are left and the top prizes are mostly gone. That tells me that the lottery commission has posted a lot of winning tickets out there and that is a good time to buy them, especially if they are new games.

There are other times when I see games that have been out awhile and the top prizes are still available. That tells me that there aren't very many winners out there.

Case in point. I liked playing the $2 ticket I (heart) Cash. I have won some money on that ticket. It came out 12/2/2013. In about 1 month half of the top prizes have been claimed.

Break The Bank Limited Edition came out on 12/16/2013 and there is still plenty of winning tickets out there.

Weekly Grand $2.00 ticket came out on 9/9/2013 and only 1 of the 4 top prizes has been claimed. This game is 3 months older than I (heart) Cash and still there are plenty of winning tickets out there. This tells me that this game is harder to win the top prizes but they may still be out there.

One other thing I just found out today from a store clerk. This guy told me that whenever there is a white line between the tickets (where the tickets are perforated), either that ticket or the ticket after the perforation most of the time is a winner. I put that theory to the test. He told me, this one is a winner. It had a white line. So I bought it and did win. Then, I tried again on another ticket and again, I won. I won either $5.00 or $10.00. The tickets I bought were $2.00 and a $5.00 ticket. He also told me that this theory of the white line won't hit big time, usually get your money back or $10.00. I guess he knows, he sells the ticket.

Just a couple of things I wanted to share. I hope you follow my posts so that you can get updates. Also, feel free to share any of your winnings or if you have any techniques you would like to share.

Good luck.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14 update

So I have been posting some blogs about the lottery and how to better your chances of winning.
Today, I want to share some of the amounts that I have won.

Back in 1997, I had played the Cash Five game. Back then, it payed a lot more than it does today. But, I was able to hit 4 our of 5 numbers for a winning of $539.00

In 2008, I played the Mega Millions and hit 4 out of 6 numbers (no bonus) and won $600.00. For that one I had to go to the Lottery Commissiion office locally to retrieve my winnings. They had asked me to take my picture and write a short story about what I had done once I found out that I won. They gave me a shirt and a tote bag. I also received some tax forms that I had to submit that year for income tax purposes. What I did find out is that anything $599 and under, you can cash at any retailer (preferrably at a grocery store) and you will get cash. Any thing $600.00 up to $1,000,000.00 can be cashed at your local Lottery Commision office and you can get your money their in a form of a check. If you win anything under $5,000.00 they will give you the full amount but you still have to report that on your income taxes. Anything above $5,000.00, they will deduct the taxes on your winnings and you would still have to report that on your income tax.

Last year, 2013 I played the Powerball and hit twice. I had played 2 sets of numbers and on one of the tickets I had hit (I believe) 1 number and the powerball for $12.00 and on the other I had hit 4 numbers for $200.00. I cashed that in at an Albertsons store - $212.00 cash.

I have also hit on scratch offs. I have hit $200.00 twice on $2.00 Break the Bank. Several years ago, I was playing $5.00 scratch offs (don't remember the name of the game) but for about 3-4 weekends in a row, I would win at least $100.00. I would hit $50, then $100 and even won $200. I kept playing the same tickets and buy them at the same store and I kept winning. It was great, until that streak ended and so did the game.

I have won many other smaller amounts $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $10.00, $12.00, $20.00, and even $50.00. Most recently, as of this writing, I hit $100.00 at a 7-11 store on the Jokers Wild Game. The ticket number was on 40 so I decided to buy it and won.

So for those of you who like to read my blogs, this is just a little something to let you know that, yes, you can win. Maybe not the big one, but yes you can win. I am not rich by no means. I just enjoy playing the lottery, but it can be addictive and you have to know when to walk away with your winnings. Or if you continue to lose (like most of us), learn how to walk away and play some other time.

Keep playing and have fun doing it, just don't blow your whole paycheck doing it.

Thanks and I hope you continue reading my posts.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update blog for December 21, 2013

Just checking in and decided to post something new about the lottery.
Recently the Mega Millions lottery game received a lot of attention due to the high jackpot which 2 people had winning tickets, one in California and the other in Georgia.

I had not paid too much attention to the lottery until I started to see the jackpot for the Mega Millions swell.
The reason? The game has changed.

Here is the overview on the Mega Millions.

The new Mega Millions has changed where the 5 numbers chosen are now from 1 to 75 (previously the number was 1-56). The Mega Ball is now chosen from 1-15 (previously it was 1-46). The non-jackpot winnings are less (per say) as it is easier now to just hit the mega ball and win something 1 in 15 chance. Before it was harder but the non-jackpot payouts were more.

It is a kind of give and take. With this change, the Mega Millions game should have bigger jackpots and more people playing, but the odds are harder as well. So, if you are like me and like to play and win something, here is a tip on how to win something.

Since the Mega ball is drawn from a number between 1-15, you have a better chance of winning something. So what I would do, if you have the money to spend, is to play 15 tickets using numbers 1-15 so you are guaranteed to win something. Then, get quick picks for the other 5 numbers or a set of numbers if you would like. For an extra $1.00 you can megaply the megaball and get 2, 3, 4 or 5 times the non-jackpot payouts depending on what the megaplier is.

That is it. If you do this, you are guaranteed to win something and maybe if your megaball comes out and hit on the other numbers, you can get a descent payout. That is my strategy.

On another note, the Texas Lottery has changed their game as well. They now have the extra option where for a $1.00 more, you can win more on non-jackpot winnings. What I like about it is that now with the extra option, you only have to hit 2 numbers to win a guaranteed $2.00. Hit 3 numbers with the extra option and win at least $10.00, 4 numbers $100 minimum and 5 numbers would get you a minimum of $10,000.
You can still play with $1.00 and no extra but that goes back to 3 numbers needed to win $3.00, 4 numbers around $50.00, 5 numbers around $2,000. How many times have you played and only hit 2 numbers and won nothing? Or hit 3 numbers for just $3.00? Now with the extra option your 2 numbers guarantees you $2.00 and with 3 numbers at least $10.00.

So for me, the extra dollar would be worth it.

These are the changes that I have seen with these two games. Hope this helps you win more money.

Good Luck.